Are You Wearing Your Mask Correctly –

And Using It When It Is Most Necessary

Let discover the interesting things about the mask that you are considering to be boring. As you know, at present, the covid-19 epidemic is happening complicatedly around the world and many medical organizations, scientists have shown that wearing a mask and washing hands regularly helps to reduce Infecting this disease considerably. So masks now seem like an indispensable accessory when we go out, meet people, go to the office, or even take the dog for a walk every morning. Based on that demand, there are now a lot of masks sold on the internet.

But have you ever wondered if you are wearing the mask the right way at the right time and how it protects you? Let me show you!

First of all, how are medical masks made? Non woven medical masks usually have 3 layers with 3 different uses. The outer layer has water-repellent properties, effectively prevents droplets from splashing out when the patient sneezes, coughs, or breathes hard.

The middle layer works to prevent droplets from splattering and filter dust, bacteria. It can be said that this is the class that determines the quality of the 3-layer medical mask. The “standard” filter must allow air to easily pass, creating ventilation for the user, but must be compact enough to filter dust or bacteria with extremely small size.

The inner layer is always white, very distinctive from the outer layer. This inward-facing fabric face is close to the face skin, so it must be pure and smooth, without ruffled fibers, not to cause discomfort. In addition, the innermost layer needs to be water permeable to absorb sweat, creating comfort for the user.

What about the damn corona virus? Corona virus has size of about 150-200 nm (nanometer) and Influenza A virus has size of 80-120 nm, these viruses mainly reside in large saliva droplets. According to a 2013 study: large droplets of saliva are usually between 75-360 micrometres (1 micrometer = 1000 nanometers), so this saliva can be easily captured by a medical mask. usually with the ability to efficiently filter particles larger than 5 micrometres.

So it can be seen that wearing a mask regularly and properly can completely protect you from corona virus also known as covid-19 or SARS-Co-2. I even found masks with a very nicely printed anti-covid-19 design such as I Wear A Shield Not Face MaskSecured from covid-19 Face MaskStop Covid-19 By Wearing Face Mask or wear a mask to remind all the good practices of social distance such as Stay Home Stay Safe Let’s Stop Corona Virus Face MaskSocial Distancing Keep Your Distance Covid19 Face MaskStop Stay Home Stay Safe Let’s Stop Corona virus Face Mask or Fight Together Stop Covid -19 Face Mask.

Those masks really surprised me about the current mask fashion.

And here’s how to properly wear a mask according to the CDC:

Wear a Mask Correctly

Wash hands before wearing a mask

Place the mask over your nose and mouth and keep it firmly under your chin

Try to get the mask to fit the sides of your face

Make sure you can breathe easily

The CDC does not recommend the use of respirators or fabric masks with breathing valves or vents to control the source of infection

Wear a Mask to Protect Others

Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect others in case you are infected with COVID-19 without showing symptoms.

Wear masks in public places when around people who do not live in your home, especially if you have difficulty maintaining six feet of distance from others

Wear masks properly for maximum protection

Do not wear a mask around your neck or pull it above your forehead

Do not touch the mask, and, if you do, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to disinfect

Remove Masks Carefully, When You Get Home

Unscrew the lanyard on the back of the head or tense the ear strap loop

Hold only the ear-strap or lanyard

Fold the outer corners together

Put the mask in the washing machine (learn more about washing it)

Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing it, and wash your hands immediately after removing it.

So now please consider and tell me are you wearing the mask correctly? If not, correct it immediately.

And Who Shouldn’t Wear a Mask?

Do not wear a mask for:

Children under 2 years old

Anyone who has trouble breathing

Anyone unconscious, incapacitated, or unable to remove the cloth mask if.

Above are all notes about wearing a mask properly, follow it exactly and share it with your friends. If you find that the writing is useful, please share with everyone or simply give the author a cup of coffee by ordering the mask you like.

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