Maryland Flag Face Mask Washable, Reusable – Make in the USA

$20.95 $17.95

Antibacterial Fabric Face Mask Washable, Reusable Make in the USA   ✅ Fast Shipping

✅ Fabric Face Mask With three layers of protection

✅ Reusable, machine-washable   ✅ Waterproof, Breathable

Maryland Flag Fabric Face Mask Washable, Reusable


Printed in the USA – Same Day Custom (No more than 4 working days, normally 2 days).

Fast Shipping.

✅ Three layers of protection:

– Outer layer = 100% micro knit polyester. Outer layer designed for printing photo quality artwork

– Middle layer = high density particle stopper with permanent copper infused anti-bacterial fiber.

– Inside layer = Soft & cozy anti microbial ultra breathable nylon spandex

✅ Reusable, machine-washable   ✅ Waterproof, breathable    ✅ One size fits all    ✅ Black elastic ear loops

✅ Non-medical grade, not intended for clinical use

The CDC now recommends the use of Face Masks to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Our 3-layer Cloth Face Mask is designed for protection, comfort and style. While the nylon spandex layer is cozy on your face, the anti bacterial copper infused fibers of the middle layer trap high density particles and provide protection. The outer layer is made of 100% polyester made for printing photo quality artwork.

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